1. Legoboyii's Avatar
    Anyway I tested the facebook login. Doesn't save progress and it resets your missions every so often. Will doing the usual backup method the phone comes with work? Or is there some specific way to save progress?

    x19 multiplier/missions
    100 red rings (spent 70)
    Spent over 50k rings in upgrades

    Takes awhile to re-earn all of that :P
    01-03-2015 06:34 PM
  2. harihar akhil's Avatar
    I done the usual backup in apps+settings but did not work so stopped playing that game.
    01-04-2015 04:26 AM
  3. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Backup apps+settings is not for this. This backup function is if you have to restore your phone after a hard reset.
    So contact the game developer to complain about a missing save option maybe he can update the game.
    01-04-2015 04:37 AM
  4. Ethan Alvaree's Avatar
    I had the same issue. Please see this thread for more info:


    Also, consider contacting the developer @HLGames on Twitter and asking them to enable cross-platform cloud backup soon, either through OneDrive or Facebook, so that your progress automatically syncs across all your devices. Every tweet counts!
    10-30-2015 01:52 AM

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