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    I've seen the same question on a different post, but with no replies. I have a Windows Lumia 930 phone with a function to 'merge calls' if wanting to conference 2 calls with myself at the same time. Following the phone instructions to do this, you should simply select the '+add call' button once the first call has connected. Then, after selecting this option, dialling the second number and it has connected, you should press the 'merge calls' button that is available and this should conference all 3 lines. However, this button does not do anything and you end up only having the ability to have one call open, one on hold, plus the ability to swap between them. But not have both calls conferenced at the same time. Can anyone help or know a workaround? Thanks.
    01-05-2015 10:03 AM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Odd. Are you using the phone on the provider it was purchased from? This could require network specific options. You could try Access Point app to correct the settings.
    01-05-2015 11:54 AM
  3. Ammlan Ghosh's Avatar
    I have tried to make conference call couple of times from my Lumia 535 using BSNL Post paid and Voda Phone Prepaid but unable to do so. I can call two friends simultaneously but I am unable to add both the calls and can only talk alternately to either when the other person is on hold. I tried clicking on the Merge call button but it doesn't work.
    I have talked with customer care of BSNL and was told the issue is not related to the n/w.

    Please help.
    07-15-2015 06:55 AM
  4. Ammlan Ghosh's Avatar
    Problem was resolved by activating the call conference facility from the N/W service provider. Previously I was misguided by customer care guy. For prepaid BSNL connection this service is already activated. In case of Post paid connection service must be activated from the local area office from where the SIM was issued.
    07-31-2015 01:19 AM

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