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    Hey there, I'm waiting on a used Lumia to come in the mail..I ran the phone's IMEI through Swappa and it came up clear.

    The phone was originally a Cricket phone and I'm new to SIMs as a whole, but from what I understand I won't need to unlock it since it would be the same service..So does this mean I can just drop in a new SIM and run along with it?

    I am planning on picking up a SIM and activating online to save a couple bucks ($25 activation? Really?) but I figure I'd ask before I go ahead with anything, especially given my inexperience with both SIMs and the Cricket service.

    Also: Would activating a new SIM give the phone a new number?

    Also Number 2: Should I use BYOD for this? I'm not sure since it's not unlocked and isn't technically a different carrier..I hear I can just go "I already have a SIM" and it'll work, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.

    New Phone, New Phone OS (Former Android user), New Service, New Technology..Lots of new things all at once, so I'm a bit lost and apologize for any confusion that my questions may cause. .and I apologize if such questions were asked before, as well. I probably missed them in my searches.

    Anyway! Thanks for any help given!
    01-18-2015 03:22 AM
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    Are you already a Cricket customer? If so just use the sim from your android phone in your Lumia 630. If the sim from the android is a different size than what the 630 needs just order the correct size from cricket. You won't have to change your number after you get a new sim, just follow the instructions with the packaging to activate.

    If you are a new cricket customer then you would need to pick your plan, select bring your on device, select port your number from your existing carrier, and cricket will ship you a new sim card. Your existing phone service will still work until you activate the new sim card from cricket.
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    01-18-2015 06:37 AM

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