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    i have a nokia lumia 1520 phone using software windows phone 8.1. the phone is stuck in airplane mode from saturday and i cannot get the airplane mode off
    01-19-2015 06:54 PM
  2. sinime's Avatar
    I assume you have tried a regular restart, but have you tried a soft reset?

    To do a soft reset, hold the power and volume down buttons for 10 sec.
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    01-19-2015 07:03 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You may have a bad SIM or a bad SIM tray. Any way you can test that by borrowing another person's SIM and/or trying your SIM in another phone?

    Did you by any chance flash your phone with a ROM from another Region? You may have loaded incompatible radio firmware. Flash back to the original ROM.
    01-19-2015 07:13 PM

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