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    hi there
    so i just got an 830 this week, so far i'm very pleased except for 2 things: touchscreen and Glance screen

    - occasionally it doesn't work at all, as if the sensor didn't pick movement (the sensor seems ok though - it turns the screen on and off correctly during calls). When this happens, Double tap to wake doesn't work too.
    - It requires about 4 or more hand waves above said sensor here and there to get Glance to work
    - sometimes it's dimmer than usual, making it impossible to see at the slightest angle. Turning on the screen and then off again makes it normal
    - it's very slow at picking up movement compared to my former 925 - it'd show all info in half a second and never failed me, whether i was taking the phone out of my pocker out waving my hand over it.
    obs: setting touch sensitivity to high seems to improve double tap to wake responsiveness
    so i wonder, are these recurrent issues among 830s? Can all this be fixed with updates? Or i might have a defective phone?
    thx in advance
    01-20-2015 10:32 PM
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    First... Get SysApp Pusher installed and set it up. Inside SysApp, on the bottom bar, tap on check. It will make sure all installed Apps and components (like Glance) have the latest update.

    Second... Try a Soft Reset. Hold the Volume Down + Power buttons until the phone vibrates (about 10 secinds). Release the buttons and the phone reboots while clearing system memory.
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    01-20-2015 11:04 PM

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