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    When creating an appointment in the native Windows Phone 8.1 Calendar app, the locations from my Favorite Places (either in my Maps or in Cortana's notebook) are now being suggested as soon as I begin typing a location name.

    For example, if I have a place called "Girlfriend's House" in my Favorite Places (Maps and Cortana), as soon as I type in "G-i-..." the place "Girlfriend's House" is immediately shown as a suggestion, along with other places that are in my Favorites that begin with the letters G and I.

    Is this a new feature? This wasn't present in my L1020 which was running Cyan under Developer Preview (or "Denim" once the Preview was disabled). Unfortunately, my L1020 has just died - Unable to find bootable option - and it's due for warranty repair.

    I'm now using a L535 dual sim as a temporary phone. The OS is up-to-date (8.10.14226.359) as well as the firmware revision number (02055.00000.14511.22002). The L535 was shipped with "Denim", but it received an update as soon as I connected it to the internet. The L1020, in contrast, was running an older OS version (8.10.14219.341) and firmware version (3051.50009.1424.0009).

    So, is this calendar feature new or did I just happen to miss this?

    Update: It turns out that my sister's HTC 8s also had this feature for some time now, with an OS version of 8.10.14219.341 - which is the same OS that the L1020 has. Is this a deficiency isolated only to the L1020?
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