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    I'm an indie filmmaker, a first timer and I'm working on my first short film. I have a Nokia Lumia 1520 and I plan (or should I say wish) to shoot the whole short film on my Lumia 1520 and 1020, but I'm not able to find any external microphones for rich recording. I tried everywhere but almost all of the available accessories are made and compatible with iPhones. It is kind of confusing and frustrating to find one. I'm in India, which is another bummer. So, Please can anyone answer or help me to find a good enough, resonably priced external mic for recording/shooting a short film with Lumia's.
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    02-09-2015 01:32 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    02-09-2015 01:55 PM
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    you could always record using a field recorder and sync it in post...
    02-09-2015 02:00 PM
  4. Sweetan Mankotia's Avatar
    I just saw the device and I'm a bit confused about its use
    02-09-2015 02:08 PM
  5. Sweetan Mankotia's Avatar
    you could always record using a field recorder and sync it in post...
    Yes I have that as the last resort option but since I'm a first timer I kind of thought of doing it altogether once. Still, to sync in post is the best option I know. However, this is still frustrating as I haven't really found anything concrete. I read and researched a lot about Rode's accessories, but received mixed reactions.
    02-09-2015 02:10 PM
  6. ven07's Avatar
    02-09-2015 02:26 PM

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