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    Most of us are trapped on the stock ATT image, 8/10/12/397...that is hopelessly out of date, but seen so far with limited testing, these have not surfaced (yet.)
    I went for the fast ring, but so far there seems to be no difference.

    1. The podcasts app no longer freezes, then crashes multiple times a day.
    2. You no longer lose control of the volume, multiple times a day with the only fix being a soft reset. (The one where you can scroll from 0 to 30 and back again, but the output does not change.)
    3. Scrolling back and forth through an audio track is smooth, fluid, instant, and not crash prone, weather the media is streaming, or on the SD card.
    4. Audio quality wise, they seem to have stripped out the very high range which has the painful, piercing dog-wistle effect with the volume high.

    Everyone with a 635 has to live with these bugs every day, because the carriers bury updates that will never be seen. I want to pose a question: with the change in laws regarding payment security, when mobile banking gets compromised, will an army of bank lawyers go after the carriers for not providing updates and fixes that could have prevented breaches? I think that's what it might take.
    02-14-2015 10:09 AM
  2. boltman2013's Avatar
    Best answer is to not use mobile banking on any phone
    02-14-2015 10:13 AM

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