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    Hello. When will Microsoft release a fully functional Airplay killer??? As the years passes i cant understand why Apple has This arena for them selves? I have a XBOX one, Surface Pro and a Windows phone. If i play music on my phone and want it on my xbox its just not possible in a simple way. If you have a Iphone click a icon and stream to airport express or apple tv easely, built into the operating system. No need of support in the app. What is the problem? Some people says. Well it is possible. But its not in a simple way. There is DLNA, Miracast, Allplay, Bluetooth, Smartglass and so on. And they are all great open techniques but its not working between units seamlesly. And often you have to rely on third party apps. If i want to watch a movie from my phone on Xbox one via smartglass its not working if flash is involved since Xbox one does not support flash. If i try spotify i can get it to work if i use som third party app Spotilite. I can get almost everything to work except that flash thing if i put some time into it and find apps with the right support. But it is not for a normal user. A normal user can use Airplay. Please Microsoft add Allplay and Miracast or something like that into the operating system so you can push an icon and stream (or get the stream from internet) directly in the operating system between units. Or am i missing out something that is on its way in windows 10?
    02-17-2015 05:18 AM
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    It is not as simple as it sounds, one keyword "Patents".

    Furthermore Apple are the sole OEM of their devices so they can ensure that their devices work in a cohesive manner.

    Where as Windows runs on platform where support for legacy devices is mandatory as it was built on a open hardware platform. With-in that you have various standards competing to become the-de-facto standard for households, case in point you have WiDi & Miracast for wireless streaming. This is compounded by the fact you have some manufactures using their own proprietary standard to create an ecosystem just for their products.

    It's only been in the recent few years where OEMs have started to move to Miracast. As the world slowly transitions to an era of wireless streaming for audio & video, you would see more and more OEMs adapt a single standard to ensure interoperability between a vast array of devices.

    In windows 8, you have the playto feature and I imagine this will be expanded on with Windows 10 as it is a no brainer.
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    02-17-2015 07:14 AM

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