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    Hello everyone,

    I have a 1 year history of a whatsapp chat I would like to email to myself. But whatsapp does not email the full chat history. I can read the messages in whatsapp though. I would like to know if there is a way to access my windows phone 8.1 file system, and copy this file to my PC...

    02-17-2015 02:25 PM
  2. GabrielStorm's Avatar
    on a windows based computer.
    plug phone in to computer. go to my computer
    find the phone .
    click on phone.
    if you have an sd card click on that.
    find the whatsapp folder. most recent chats/txts are in there.
    mine goes back three or four days.
    don't know if whatsapp backs up any more than that on sd card.
    if you don't delete the chats/txts, they should all be on whatsapp on your phone

    hope this helps
    02-17-2015 04:21 PM
  3. somubtech's Avatar
    Sorry, should have mentioned, I have a Nokia Lumia 920. So, no SD card.
    Well, when I connect my phone, all I see, is photos, vidoes, music etc. Nothing related to whatsapp backup.

    Any other ideas?
    02-18-2015 12:04 AM
  4. GabrielStorm's Avatar
    this ONLY works with chrome.
    go to whattsapp.com there are links to connect
    to your phone using a qr code.
    choose the appropriate link. after you open the link on computer
    go to the whattsapp app on your phone
    open the settings and go to whattsapp web and scan the qr on computer screen.

    from there it's pretty straight forward on what you do.
    02-18-2015 04:20 AM
  5. John Walter1's Avatar
    I think there was a program, which allows you to access your WhatsApp chat history and create backups or recover it.
    02-18-2015 04:42 AM

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