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    Im not sure if im in the right thread...so you can move this post where it should be. or you can pinpoint me where i can hardware issues

    Im having issue with my Lumia and its regarding the charge. Whenever i plug it in, it shows charging sign, but the percentage remains the same even after whole night of charging. and it still discharges.

    at first i thought it could be a problem with the charger, so i tried 3 different charger...but the issue remains. i also tried replacing the cable.

    now while i was doing a couple of troubleshooting the 8% got used up. and now whenever i charge, it powers on but it would die after 2 seconds.

    I was thinking if the problem is with the device itself or the battery. but this devices is not even year old, and the battery capacity im getting is still the same when it was brand new.

    anyone experienced this? any tips, advice is appreciated. im thinking of sending this to Nokia care..but due to transition of Nokia to microsoft, Nokia care is closing in my country. and if they do their service is terrible. repair of devices is taking as long as 2 months. wew
    02-21-2015 10:35 PM

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