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    Hello, here's my programme.
    (I'm french but I try to write english).
    I explain what I want to do in comments, but I summarize the goal :
    Here an extract of one of my text files :


    Field #,X,Y,Z,X,Y,Z,X,Y,Z,X,Y,Z,X

    I want to extract datas from a text file to a matrix in Unity. For that, I create a matrix and I integrate all datas in it. Then, I want to load (read) the file but only from the 12th line. And I have to extract only 1 line / 4 of datas.

    I want the matrix doesn't load "1," which indicates the line's number of datas. And it's wrote at every line : "2,", "3," , ...

    Then, I want to integrate the name of items "Suj01:RIAS", "Suj01:LIAS", ... (There are more than 55 names like them) in a string. The same thing for the positions "X", "Y", "Z".
    Every group of three datas (separated by a comma) corresponds to a name in the order. The firt group corresponds to "Suj01:RIAS" for example. And every data in a group, corresponds to a position according to X, Y and Z, in the order. The first data corresponds to X, the second data to Y and the third to Z. For every group of 3 datas.

    Could you see my programme and tell me where there is a problem ?

    Here my programme :

    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Text;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Collections;
    using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

    public class Recup_donnees_3 : MonoBehaviour {

    // When the script instance is being loaded
    void Awake () {

    Application.targetFrameRate = 25; // J'indique que la fréquence est de 25 Hz

    class FileReader


    static void Main()


    // ------------- This first part allows me to read in the console and to load in a matrix 1 line / 4 from the 12th line of the text file to the end ------------- //

    // Create an instance of StreamReader to read from a file

    StreamReader reader = new StreamReader ("Suj01_PI_DP_C00_1.txt");

    using (reader) { // Automatic Closing of the Stream after working with it , otherwise we would have to write "reader.Close" at the end to close the stream, beneath the last command's line of this part "class FileReader"

    int lineNumber = 12;

    // Read 12th line from the text file

    string line = reader.ReadLine ();

    // Read the other lines from the text file : 1 line / 4

    while (line != null) {

    lineNumber = lineNumber + 4;

    // Console.WriteLine("Line {0}: {1}", lineNumber, line); // To show in the console

    line = reader.ReadLine ();

    string[] Matrice_Suj01_PI_DP_C00_1; // To create a matrix which contains 1 line / 4 from text file

    Matrice_Suj01_PI_DP_C00_1 = reader.ReadLine (); // To indicate what datas will be loaded in this matrix named "Matrice_Suj01_PI_DP_C00_1"


    // ------------- This second part allows me to extract some datas from the text file ------------- //

    // To separate every group of 3 datas corresponding to a one "marqueur"

    string[] values_position_X_Y_Z = Matrice_Suj01_PI_DP_C00_1.Split(',',3); // Pb : we can't use "Split" when it's a string []

    // To extract the axes positions (X Y Z) and to integrate them in a string

    int line_axes = 11;

    line_axes = reader.ReadLine ();

    string line_11;

    line_11 = reader.ReadLine ();

    string[] axes = line_11.Split(new char[] {'Filed #',','}); // Every axe is separating by ',' and the first is writing behind 'Filed #,'

    // To extract the names of "marqueurs" and to integrate them in a string

    int line_names = 10;

    line_names = reader.ReadLine ();

    string line_10;

    line_10 = reader.ReadLine ();

    string[] names = line_10.Split(new char[] {',',',,,'}); // Every name is separating by ',,,' and the first is writing behind ','

    // ------------- This third part allows me to indicate column's name "Positionnements des marqueurs : RIAS, LIAS, ..." for every group of 3 positions (every group X,Y,Z)------------- //

    // To indicate the correspondance between these strings : "values_position_X_Y_Z" and "names"

    string[] names = String.Join("/", values_position_X_Y_Z, 2, 3); // From the second data after "," from the 12th line, I associate 3 datas with the 10th line

    02-26-2015 04:44 AM
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    Honestly you're going to get better feedback if you register and post this in the Developer Forum.
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    02-26-2015 01:32 PM

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