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    Hi I have a Lumia 520 using it since 20 months.. I noticed a strange thing today. My phone was charged to 96% when I removed it from charging cuz I wanted to make a call and after I ended the call I noticed the battery was charged to 100%! And then I changed the regional format of my phone.. When the phone restarted the battery went down to 24%!! Pls help.

    Edit: I removed the phone battery for a while and when I tried to start my phone it didnt start. So I plugged the charger in thinking phone battery might have got dead.. after I plugged in the charger, phone keeps on restarting and only thing comes on screen is "Nokia" . is the battery completely dead?
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    03-03-2015 09:51 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Have you tried performing a soft reset?
    03-04-2015 12:31 AM
  3. I3unny's Avatar
    The phone was not starting at all mate xD

    I just kept the battery in sun light for 1 hour and its working good again now :D guess even batteries need vitamin D XD
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    03-04-2015 12:33 AM
  4. pankaj981's Avatar
    Sometimes when the phone is completely dead, a force soft-reset (in this case a force soft-start) usually works for me
    03-04-2015 12:45 AM
  5. I3unny's Avatar
    What's force soft start?
    03-04-2015 12:45 AM
  6. pankaj981's Avatar
    Its nothing but restarting the phone with the soft-reset combination. When my battery is completely dead and I have to start my phone with minimum charge I usually plug in to the charger, wait for a few minutes and then try soft-resetting my phone which other wise would not turn on until it automatically restarts
    03-04-2015 01:08 AM
  7. I3unny's Avatar
    Cool thanks
    03-04-2015 01:39 AM

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