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    Alright, so, I have been observing that beast for a while (reading about it on the internet :p) in order to make sure I know what I am gonna buy and what I problems I will face, and it came across to me that there are a lot of complains about scroll/tap a.k.a phantom taps issue which some said it was hardware issue and was because of the misalignment of the digitizer behind the LCD screen due to it flexed, yet, some owners are expressing the problem right as they purchases their device. Others say, that it is a software issue and was fixed by the official cyan update. That made me really confused. x_x

    So my questions is, are new handsets made life in late 2014 defected too? Does any one here bought a L1520 device that was made in late 2014/early 2015? I am asking this, because I also read that some people doesn't face the problem because the have got new devices that wasn't made in 2013 (some say those devices which were made in 2014/2015 didn't have the nokia logo too)

    L1520 would be my first entry into WP, and I find it really cool and different however, I can't find a proper device for me. My budge is around 450$ thus I can buy 1520, 930 or the 830. The 830 is expensive for it's specs and the Snapdragon 400 is a deal-breaker for me. The 930 is great, yet the battery ruins it all, which leaves me to the 1520. I like everything about it, however, this problem (if unsolved) is more than enough for me to drop the deal and look for something else, which in my case, would be z2 (android, ugh) since I can't find any good device for me.

    Also, buying an low-end handset and manage with it till the flagship is announced is sadly not available for me since my budge wouldn't get me it even if I wait (they are savings, I don't work currently due to focus on high school, so in order for me to save up for the new flagship which would be announced at the end of the year isn't an option either)

    Sorry about the lengthy OP, I tried to put all my thoughts in it. :p

    Also, it may seem that I am in rush, but, that may be because I currently have a Nokia c3 handset, I had an android tablet, a Galaxy note 10.1 to be specific, but my dad took it away as he needed it for work, so yeah. :p
    03-05-2015 03:04 AM
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    Anecdotal evidence suggests that Lumia 1520 is no longer being manufactured and existing supply is selling down.

    How long that unit has been in a warehouse before your purchase is impossible to say from here. I would urge you to use a volume retailer if the freshness of the stock is a concern to you.

    I purchased my 1520.3 in August of 2014 from a large volume retailer online. I had some issue with screen sensitivity, but that was most likely due to flex issues. I've since straightened the device and changed my habits so I am not pocketing the phone and then sitting with it in pocket (it will try and curve to fit your thigh). I've not had the issue since correcting the shape of the phone and my habits. It has always been on Cyan.

    There are 4 variants of 1520 and that may in turn result in a software cause as each has slightly different firmware. I really could not say definitively. For myself, I found the hardware related cause sufficient to explain any erratic behavior I saw briefly.

    Hope this helps. I can only relate my personal experience. You've obviously read countless posts and seen how each user reports in differently on the issue.
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    03-05-2015 10:31 AM

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