1. moonsurface's Avatar
    I can't get the email app to send emails from my windows phone 8.1 (denim). I have never got this to work. Sending works with the gmail account from within my email app but not from my other imap account. It seems to be a common problem with windows phone and the error code that comes up is very generic.

    Error code 80072F30

    Can anyone help it's most annoying as I reply, forgetting that it wont' send and it doesn't' immediately come up with an error, it just goes into a drafts box.

    Syncing folders and receiving email works fine though. I've tried every combo of security settings and I'm sure the login etc is correct.
    03-06-2015 06:19 AM
  2. hotphil's Avatar
    Nokia's list of likely causes: https://expertcentre.nokia.com/en/ar...s-Phone-8.aspx

    But, quite a lot of that is above what end-users would expect (I don't know many end-users that would be happy with using/analysing Fiddler).
    So, the obvious one to check is date/time. Is it correct? Timezone too.
    03-06-2015 06:41 AM

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