1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I want to add a new sd card to my Limia 830 phone
    03-06-2015 07:39 AM
  2. Ebuka Allison's Avatar
    I want to add a new sd card to my Limia 830 phone
    Go to the store where you bought it and ask them to help you.
    03-06-2015 07:43 AM
  3. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    03-06-2015 07:51 AM
  4. mark233's Avatar
    What I use is a small strip of packing tape. I pull the SD card out as far as I can with my thumb nail, then use the tape to get it out the rest of the way. Kind of a silly thing to have to do but it works :-). Just regular tape (like Scotch) should work also.
    Guytronic likes this.
    03-06-2015 05:00 PM
  5. mark233's Avatar
    Scotch tape that is ..... not Scotch as in the drink ---- although I have tried some good single malt scotch and used Scotch tape before the process ... either way all went well
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    03-06-2015 05:02 PM
  6. Ejay Lozano's Avatar
    I usually position the phone
    Horizontally with the card facing down and push and release the card and it falls right out...
    03-06-2015 05:05 PM
  7. anon(8532178)'s Avatar
    Yeah Nokia dropped the ball on that design it's a pain.
    03-06-2015 11:15 PM

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