1. AndyCalling's Avatar
    It appears that the 'Info & Extras' settings app, since the latest update, is no longer available on the Windows store, at least for the L930 in the UK. Is it just me/here/the L930 or is this the same for everyone? What's going on?
    03-09-2015 01:23 PM
  2. faalil's Avatar
    Not working on 920
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    03-09-2015 01:30 PM
  3. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Sounds like it's not just me or the L930, then. Do you have a UK phone?
    03-09-2015 01:37 PM
  4. aa125690's Avatar
    I thought it was just me! I just flashed my unbranded Lumia 521 last night, but couldn't update extras+info neither.
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    03-09-2015 01:38 PM
  5. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Yea, I'll check my 820 when I get home too. Is this just a UK phone problem?
    03-09-2015 01:45 PM
  6. aa125690's Avatar
    Well, Lumia 521 is a US-only model...
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    03-09-2015 01:50 PM
  7. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Ah, sorry, I forgot there were a couple of WP owners in the US. So, not just the UK then.

    I have checked with my 820 (set up from scratch last night) and it has an old version of I&E that claims I'm on Cyan when I'm clearly on Denim.

    So, looks like this app is not available for anyone. If anyone hears what's going on, please post here.

    Thanks for your help with the research folks.
    03-09-2015 04:06 PM
  8. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Please also see this post.

    I used the wsrt on my 925 last Saturday and I am also definitely on DENIM but according to Extras+info I am on CYAN.
    (925 Dutch country variant)
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    03-09-2015 04:25 PM
  9. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Ta. Big weirdness. I think it's been universally pulled. Can anyone get it installed on any Lumia?
    03-09-2015 04:38 PM
  10. inferno434's Avatar
    My AT&T 1520, which is definitely on Denim (have Lumia Camera 5, hey Cortana, etc)... can not install extras&info. App currently states Cyan is loaded.

    Something definitely amiss... tweeted @WinPhoneSupport with a screenshot.
    03-09-2015 05:20 PM
  11. Force2Reckon's Avatar
    hey! this is also my case on my 620!
    when i checked my sysapp pusher, it indicated my extra/info needed updating but when i went to the store, it is unavailable!
    then i updated to denim but STILL its no longer accessible!
    03-10-2015 03:38 AM
  12. krishna T's Avatar
    Same is the case with my Lumia as well. L720 India with PFD.
    Also checked a friend's Lumia (India) 730 and it is the same. i.e. I+E is not available for your phone...
    03-10-2015 03:59 AM
  13. krishna T's Avatar
    Just received an update. Looks like "Extras + Info " is ready now.
    Last edited by krishna T; 03-10-2015 at 06:34 AM. Reason: Corrected version
    03-10-2015 06:30 AM
  14. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Yep, working on my 930. When I get home I expect it'll install on my 820 as well and will report Denim. I'll report back if it does not, otherwise the problem is now solved.
    03-10-2015 08:04 AM
  15. Ask Sonnie's Avatar
    I successfully updated and app is available on the phone
    03-10-2015 11:02 PM
  16. Ask Sonnie's Avatar
    I mean available on Windows store
    03-10-2015 11:02 PM

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