1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    My phone will not charge when plugged in to charge it tries to power on shows my provider then it flashes the dead battery sign and turns off what can i do? it also repeats this cycle over and over the steps i took were trying to use different wall sockets and my pc to charge it any tips on how to fix this problem or should i bring it in for repairs
    03-11-2015 06:46 AM
  2. alex abrahamson's Avatar
    update it doesn't turn on and off now repeatedly it is off but it is off i can turn it on but it turns of and won't charge could it be the charger it was charging when it died but it showed it charging i think it wasn't charging fast enough as i was using youtube
    03-11-2015 07:29 AM
  3. alex abrahamson's Avatar
    update the phone won't even turn on now when plugged in however when plugged into the pc it makes the noise of connecting over and over
    03-11-2015 08:41 AM

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