1. Victor Matias1's Avatar
    I have to reset my Lumia thru LSRT but it's downloading cyan firmware instead of denim. I wanna reset my phone straight to denim and even navifirm is downloading cyan firmware. So where can I get denim firmware so I don't have to update from cyan to denim after reset?
    03-13-2015 04:17 PM
  2. Pacus1x's Avatar
    All depends if the Denim update it's available for your country, there are only 2 options to download updates which is via OTA or using the Lumia recovery tool.

    If you have your phone in PfD then you should uncheck that option and check for updates, if nothing happen then restart and see if the phone can finally download the update.
    03-13-2015 05:35 PM
  3. Victor Matias1's Avatar
    yes, Denim is available for my phone in my country and my phone is updated to denim already but when I connect it to PC and use LSRT, it's downloading Cyan firmware and not Denim. I wanna b able to get a hold of the Denim firmware for my phone also in any case problem arises later again as is there is now. I don't wanna download cyan firmware and then update to denim again. I wanna use LSRT and go straight to denim and also get the firmware as back up for later use
    03-13-2015 05:53 PM
  4. Pacus1x's Avatar
    As far i know, the only way to do that is by finding your phone ROM according the country and carrier if available.

    I dunno if Navifirm still works, but that software allows you to download any ROM for Nokia Lumia phones that ROM also includes the firmware. Then with the Nokia care suite you could flash the ROM into your phone. In the case of flashing ROMS you should be careful since downloading the wrong ROM version could brick the device.
    03-13-2015 07:01 PM

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