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    I live in India. My sis is staying in US and will be coming to India this summer. She is coming home after a long time and keen on buying something for me. I thought of a few things but could not think of something. Help me out please...

    1) Microsoft Band(a few questions though; Will it work fine in India? How useful it could be?)
    2) Surface Pro(I already have a high end configuration HP laptop as well as a work provided DELL laptop. Both are definitely not touch screens but I am happy with them. Will Surface Pro be of any good? And in case of any problems it can be serviced only in US right?)
    3) Any Lumia mobile(I am highly skeptical about this because definitely warranty will be void and I can get them eventually here in India)
    4) Any Windows Tablet(I really have no idea about the tablets available other than Surface. Suggest me anything from Dell or the OEMs that can be serviced if required)

    PS: I even stopped to think about the Ninja Cat-Unicorn T shirt :-). However, If I ever tell her to buy that, I will never hear the end of it from her. So big No for that one. Sorry Windows Central ;-)
    03-14-2015 03:40 PM

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