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    My 1520 has been having annoying touchscreen problems this past month. I've dropped the phone several times already - the phone has been with me for more than a year now - and it has some damage on two edges so I think that there might be some very small damage on the glass that is causing the touchscreen to go nuts. It's usable... sometimes... but I now think it's too big for me so I was thinking of switching to a Lumia 930... but then I had a bike accident just a while ago smashing the camera lens into a million pieces. I need the camera at work so the need to change the phone has become quite an important issue now.

    I loved the 1520 because it was the first high-end Lumia with microSD but now that I don't need it for playing music - a job I now attributed to a different device with FLAC support - I don't think I need that much space anymore. I also can live without Glance.

    So yeah, has anyone switched to a 930 coming from a 1520? How was your experience with it? Was it worth it? I'd really love to hear your input.
    03-16-2015 05:33 PM
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    I happened to switch just last week. (came from AT&T 1520 version). In the short time I've been using the 930 there have only been a couple of times I wish I had my phablet. I have giant hands and the 6 incher came really ease to use so now I'm having to get use to the reduction in screen real estate. The other thing I notice more of are the heating up issues. My 930 fires up significantly more while charging and heavy usage, but something I already knew going into the change. I wish it had glance but something I have already gotten used to without. The no external storage was not an issue for me but I know that has been a deal breaker for others. Overall, no regrets. I see both handhelds at top of the line Lumias and the 930 I'll probably hold on to until hopefully the next true flagship comes out.
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    03-16-2015 06:00 PM
  3. devilfisch's Avatar
    I see. That was pretty informative. I also have large hands but lately I found it quite cumbersome to use especially when taking photos because of its size because there are times I had to do it one-handedly. With my 1520's camera now bust, I have no choice but to switch but knowing that Windows 10 would be released soon it's quite hard to decide on getting a flagship. I find the 930 quite pretty though when I first saw it, sadly I already had the 1520 when it was released.

    The heating issues concern me though. Is it significantly hotter than the 1520 which I already find to be quite hot when I play games?
    03-16-2015 06:30 PM

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