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    So here is the deal. After I saw a post about the new win 10 update on the fast ring, I looked but I couldnt get the update as the laptop refused to see it. I tried the registry fix but it was fine. I downloaded the KB xxxxxxxx as per MS forums to fix but that did nothing and I was convinced that the 32 bit OS wasnt the one that was getting the update.
    My HP envy convertible is set to automatic install at 1.00AM and this was about 8ish this morning (20/03) that I tried the update. All I got was one for Win defender and it said OS was up to date( even after the registry lookup and the KBxxxxxxx install.
    I went about my day and when I came back to the laptop about 11 am, it showed me that it was installing windows 10 tech preview and asked me to kickback and relax even when I wasnt expecting the update,if any, to automatically happen the following morning. After all the update process I go in to reclaim some space back as the HP envy has only 60 Gig HD and the windows.old is about 11 freakin GBs.

    After the clean up I look at the properties of the windows.old folder and this is what I got.
    What might be causing this?


    P.S Reason I ask this is that we have Day Light savings coming soon and will this "glitch" affect it.
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