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    I'll break this down as easily as possible...

    Let's say that when I first purchased my computer I created two partitions. Hypothetically...

    Partition 1 (c:\) has 100GB of space and is where all of my programs, documents, and pictures, the most important of said documents/pictures being used in my OneDrive folder. Let's say this partition only has 10GB of space left.

    Partition 2 (f:\) has 200GB of space and is strictly for mp3s and DVD rips. Let's say this partition only has 10GB of space left too.

    The question...

    I'd LOVE to take advantage of the OneDrive's new feature and stream the tens of thousands of mp3's housed in partition F:\, but there's no way to move all of my mp3's to the Onedrive\Music folder on the C:\. Is this possible?


    It was my understanding that I could create a a symlink from a folder in the media partition (f:\) to the OneDrive\Music folder in the main partition (c:\) and that it would sort of "spoof" OneDrive into thinking the media from (f:\) are actually being housed in the OneDrive\Music folder, allowing it to upload to the cloud without actually being housed on the (c:\) partition. Am I wrong? Can I NOT do this?

    In trying to create a symbolic link, it just mirrored the files from the media (f:\) partition to the OneDrive folder in the (c:\) partition. That being the case, I would fill up the (c:\) partition before getting even 1/10 of the mp3's added to the OneDrive\Music folder

    Here's an example of the command I used in the Command Prompt...

    mklink /j "f:\mp3s" "c:\users\MYNAME\desktop\OneDrive\Music"

    Am I doing it right? Am I asking for something that isn't possible?
    03-21-2015 10:25 PM
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    Why ask the same question again but now as a guest???
    Please use your first post.

    03-22-2015 06:06 AM

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