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    please help because some important msgs ans contacts are lost.
    03-24-2015 05:51 AM
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    please help because some important msgs ans contacts are lost.
    You can create a backup of your contacts and messages before resetting your phone.

    What phone are you using?

    If you're using a Windows Phone and you've registered a Microsoft Account with your Windows Phone, you should see your contacts in your live.com account. Your messages, however, are in a location that is not readily accessible. After resetting your phone, once you register the same Microsoft Account, you will be able to see all your contacts and messages synchronized back to your phone.

    You may want to create a Windows Central account to be able to track responses to your query easily.
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    03-24-2015 05:58 AM
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    Check with your carrier by logging into their web site. They may have a text message history saved for you.

    In Windows Phone, text messages can be stored for later recovery after a reset IF you set the phone to back them up regularly; Settings > backup > select categories.

    Your Contacts, Emails, Calendar and Tasks are all in the cloud with your email accounts. Restore each account to the phone in Settings > email + accounts > add account. Once an account is added, tap the name of the account and select what categories to sync and how often. Or hold down on an account name and tap sync from the popup menu that appears.

    If you failed to backup any of these things to the cloud they may indeed be lost.
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    03-24-2015 06:14 AM

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