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    Before I start I just want to say that I have a backup of Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

    I had Windows 7 Ultimate dual booted with Linux Ubuntu and I deleted the Ubuntu partition + files and installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, but when I did this it deleted Windows 7 and put the files in a folder called "windows.old". Now every time I boot up my computer it gives me a option to boot in Windows 10 or Ubuntu, but when I choose Ubuntu it will just go to a black screen saying "fatal error" or something about the partition, even though I deleted this. How do I get rid of the option to choose Ubuntu and just go straight to Windows 10?

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    Here are three suggestions for removing GRUB.

    uninstall - Removing GRUB from windows system after uninstalling Ubuntu from Windows 7 - Ask Ubuntu

    I'd try method 1 but with my Win 10 disk or method 2.
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