1. roystreet's Avatar
    Hello - I use Cortana, but Friday she is acting weird. If airplane mode is on, I can ask her to do things like open an app or turn airplane mode on or off. When airplane mode is off...she can connect to the internet and when I ask her stuff, she says sorry I didn't that.i can get to by saying Hey Cortana, but when I ask her something simple, life the time... Sorry I didn't get that. I can go online and share the internet. So u shared the internet with my of 920, then I used Cortana on my old phone and she works perfectly on the 920. I've done a soft reset and even turned out off again and that doesn't work... Any thoughts?
    04-04-2015 05:12 PM
  2. 18-24-61-b-17-17-4's Avatar
    Quite a few of us on both here and reddit have been experiencing the same issue. I hope it gets resolved soon. It's been like this for well over a day for me.
    04-05-2015 05:20 PM

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