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    I can't browse the internet or the store when I connect to wi-fi.
    The internet browser gives "Refresh or try again later" message, and the store gives "Problems with connection, try again later" message.
    The wi-fi status says connected. (Sometimes it's limited, but either way, it still doesn't work)
    I tried:
    - turning the wi-fi on/off,
    - changing setting on my router (the channel from auto to six and b/n/g to just g)
    - resetting the router
    - resetting the phone to factory settings
    - removing the battery (that worked just once for just five minutes)
    Also, I have only one sim inserted. (I don't think it matters, but who knows.)

    My other phone and computers do connect to the wi-fi network just fine. (I.e. I can browse the net)

    Any other ways to try to fix it?

    Or, is there a way to install apps without logging in to MS account?
    (Because I really only need the wifi to log into the MS account to install one app I have already downloaded to my SD card)

    Thanks for help in advance.
    04-06-2015 01:27 PM
  2. CosmicPoweR's Avatar
    It can be the router problem. What router or firmware you using? This case similar to what having here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...fi-issues.html.

    Reset the router 30/30/30. Change to g only, 2.4ghz, 20mhz and change the channel to 6 or 11. Hope this help.
    04-06-2015 01:36 PM

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