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    Dear Microsoft Technical Team,

    Your Long Waiting Windows 10 Phone got released with Lots of Bugs Starting Boot Screen to Power Off. Which are Listed out Down. I am Using Lumia 1520.

    First i tried to upgrade on WP8.1 but updated with WP8.1 Update 2 and After Again i updated it to WP10 TP. But, Failed to upgrade and Screen when Black for 45Min and I realized the Update Failed and Done Hard Reset it. After, it Got Updated with Lots of Bugs Which are Down Listed. I tried resetting Phone with Different regional .

    Please Go through and Please make it Strong Windows Phone 10 Release . This is To Just Letting know Microsoft Not to Hurt Anyone.

    1:- Boot Screen Starts Shows " Not for Resale " under Windows Phone. Which Feels we are using the Pirated Windows.
    Suggestion :- Please remove the Tagline or Make it "Technical Preview".

    2: After Boot Screen, Blue Windows Logo Flashes 2 times and Screen Become Bright to Dark.
    Suggestion :- Make it Simple First Microsoft -> Blue Windows Logo -> Start Screen.

    3:- Start Screen to Apps List Screen cannot Come back when we press Back Button.
    Suggestion :- Please Make Default as WP8.1 .

    4:- After Successful Update, SD card will Asks to Accept the Sync. But cannot Sync Full Memory card which are Photos, Video and Music Albums Tracks. I am Using 32GB card with Class 10 Only for Photos, Video's & Audio Tracks.
    Suggestion :- Please Work on Sync of Whole Memory card. I tried 3 Times Reset but same Results.

    5:- FM Radio Doesn't Start. Even After Connecting Microphone. It looks Like App Present but Hardware not Responding.
    Suggestion:- Please get back this Feature. I am a Daily Commuter and I love to Hear Song Apart from Music Player.

    6:- Office Missing on New Update.
    Suggestion :- Please Add Office to Get Connected with My Documents and Files to Work on Daily Basis and Update the Files online.

    7:- English Keyboard or Language With UK or US not Adding and Shows Preparing Download.
    Suggestion :- Please add this as I generally Switch the Keyboard & Language to Access Cortana to Listen My Commands on the Go.

    8:- Cortana Not responding On Microphone and Says Try Later .
    Suggestion :- Again, Even After Switching back to US or INDIA regional Language, Cortana Not Listing the Commands. I think Microphone Not Attached to the Cortana App. Please work to add the microphone which helps most of the Work without taking Mobile Out when connected with Earphones.

    9:- Design looks good and Rich for WP10 in all areas but selecting Ringtones or Listed Apps are quite uncomfortable.
    Suggestion :- Please make At least to Scroll the options Smooth to select required Ringtone or apps.

    10 :- Long Back Press shows Running Programs which means Lots of Batter Consumption on unwanted Programs which are Used once.
    Suggestion :- Please Make This Easier as available in WP8.1. Press Back to close the Programs or Long Back to switch the Multiple Programs or Close them all at One.

    11:- New People App Added on WP 10 Which doesn't recognize the Contacts while calling or getting incoming Calls and Also At Messaging.
    Suggestion :- Got the Old People Legacy in apps list but seems to be not a Default App to pick Contacts While calling & Messaging. Please Modify any and Remove one so that i can default select the contact while on call or message.

    12:- Battery Drains in 2-3 hours After Update only. Before i use to have 175 apps with 10% Apps on background usage but still Good At that Time. Now it drains Fast. I think the reason is Task Switching and Added while using Phone with Heating back side of the phone.
    Suggestion :- Please Remove Running Unwanted apps which Effect on Battery consumption and Also Work on Improve Battery Backup.

    13:- While calling Front Screen Turns Black as a Default for accidental Touch on screen while Hand Pick call. But After Update, Even after end of call, The Screen Can't Turn back and also Down Keys doesn't Respond while getting call. Need to Lock screen and Unlock it to take the call.
    Suggestion :- Overall at Call. The Phone Doesn't respond on Screen or Front Touch Keys. Please work on it.

    14:- Action Center has Many option but Missing Data Connection ON/OFF and Internet sharing button doesn't respond.
    Suggestion :- Please add it and Fix the error. so that i can use on the go .

    15:- Lock Screen Doesn't Update with Calendar Notification. In the Busy life, we cannot remember all the events or Birthday's Which helps the calendar and Missing in New Update.
    Suggestion :- Please make calendar and Emails to Sync on Lock Screen which helps us to back in Life.

    16:- Make Cortana to Work in all Regions so that we can organize the Work on Daily Basis. Lack of Regional limitation on Cortana, We even cannot use the Voice command on Messaging and Emailing .
    Suggestion :- Adding Cortana in all aspects is Ok from MS but also Add her on All regions to have her Full Use on Phone as a Personal Assistance.

    17:- Photos, Albums are missing which are Organized by Our self. if 2 years Back Photos need to search under collection. I need to scroll all the way to down.
    Suggestion :- Please Link Albums also under Photos to access them organized and Share, edit, attach to Email and Set as Lock screen or Background Wallpaper.

    18:- Setting> Personalization> Lock Screen> Whole Page Turns White and cannot see what we have selected under White Screen.
    Suggestion :- Please Fix it.

    19:- Setting> Accounts :- Email Accounts Option Missing.
    Suggestion :- Please add Under Setting> Accounts. So that it is under All accounts setup category. I know it is Under New app Outlook Mail.

    20:- Setting> Privacy . There is 2 Feedback option. 1 is working and Another is Just Open and Nothing shows to feedback you.
    Suggestion :- Please remove Additional Feedback under Setting> Privacy which removes Confusion. Already Each App under setting having Feedback option to gather loopholes in New WP10.

    21:- Under Settings> Extras> ( Device Hub, Glance Screen, Motion Data ) Options are Not Working.
    Suggestion :- I think The Above Option Under Extras are under Testing. Please try to add in you Next Build which are Common Use for All.

    And Finally

    22:- After Pressing Of Power Button to switch off Phone, The Screen moves Up Without Any Warning or Suggestion.
    Suggestion :- Previouse it use to have Swipe down to Power OFF Message is Now Missing. Please Add it.

    Please Work on Above Issues and Also Take more Suggestion from All users around the World.

    Santosh gadaley
    04-13-2015 05:07 PM
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    Dear Microsoft Technical Team,

    Your Long Waiting Windows 10 Phone got released with Lots of Bugs Starting Boot Screen to Power Off. Which are Listed out Down. I am Using Lumia 1520 ... It's a Technical Preview, nowhere near the final RTM.
    Words escape me - this ^^^ is the NEW best commentary. smh

    for the OP - did you actually send any feedback to Microsoft?

    Do any of you realize your actions could jeopardize the Technical Preview program?
    Last edited by MDK22; 04-13-2015 at 06:16 PM.
    hotphil and ashram like this.
    04-13-2015 05:59 PM
  3. ashram's Avatar
    yeah, the op needs to send this to MS and realize that it a Technical Preview, and as such, is buggy. the reason it's out is so that bugs could be found, reported and fixed. Unfortunately, posting it all here doesn't accomplish that.
    04-13-2015 06:13 PM

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