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    No, I haven't noticed. In fact, Microsoft has released a recent firmware update for the L535 and seems to have improved the touch screen reliability but only for the Dual SIM variant. In addition, some users are reporting that service centers are replacing their screens for a newer screen that has no touch defects - if true, then Microsoft is manufacturing newer parts for the L535. Doesn't sound like they've forgotten anything. You can read about those here and here.

    Windows 10 Technical preview can be installed on the L535, so I'm not sure what you meant by saying that it is not Windows 10 ready. Here's the list of supported phones, straight from Microsoft.

    HD Screen resolution, no compass, no gyro, etc. - well these are hardware limitations and inherent in the design of the phone, but they don't necessarily mean anything derogatory against the L535, it's just that the L535 is a budget phone. One can't expect a black 1.3-L Toyota Corolla to perform the same way as a black 3.5-L V6 Toyota Camry would.
    04-16-2015 08:25 AM
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    In my case (Spain) I sent to Nokia Care and the phone came in the same status.
    04-17-2015 03:23 AM

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