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    I'm debating between these two after borrowing an Ativ S (WP 8.0) from a friend and using it for a week. 32 GB of storage are enough for me, but an SD slot is always a nice inclusion. Removable battery is also a nice feature, but as long as thew phone gets through 10 hours of moderate usage (using it during school breaks) I don't really mind. I also enjoy taking photos, but I don't take massive amounts of them- or video, for that matter.

    Ativ S:
    +Larger screen.
    +SD card slot.
    -Build quality. Looks nice, but creaks a bit. Average overall, Lumia should be better.
    -Software support. Not sure exactly how reliable Samsung will be regarding WP.
    -Worse camera. IMO should be "less good" because it's pretty great- nothing compared to the 1020, but still pretty sweet.

    Lumia 1020
    +Camera. The best camera on a smartphone.
    +Build quality.
    +Software support.
    -Smaller screen (still an upgrade from the 4.3" I'm currently using).
    -No SD slot. 32 GB should be enough for my usage though.

    Second-hand mint Ativ S available for 125$, same condition 1020 available for 250$. Keep in mind, in my country prices are nuts- a new 1020 still costs ~500$ (!!!!)
    04-16-2015 12:19 PM
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    My vote goes to the L1020, but that may be just my bias. 32 GB should be more than enough. I had around 70 apps installed in my L1020, and I still had around 10GB of free space... this was with a number of highres photos, music files, audio files, videos. I had to regularly transfer photos to my PC, though since the photos tend to eat up memory faster than I expected (I take a lot of photos). In addition, I'm not really fond of removable parts... moving parts imply higher chances of wear and tear, contamination, tampering, etc.

    For the added price, think of it as buying a camera and a phone... but this time it would be packaged into one device.
    04-16-2015 01:13 PM

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