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    Well, this is going to be mostly a rant. But I am thinking of giving my father my smartphone the first one Ive had and an iPhone 4; now, before you go all apes+++ on me ;) I want you to know before that I had a dumbphone and very content with that but my brother gave me this phone because he thought I couldnt be seen dead without a smartphone in my college, whereas I really couldnt care less. So the next smartphone Ill purchase will be the second smartphone I own, and Ill own it for many years.

    However, as surprising it is to me, I cant picture my life without a smartphone nowadays. For many years I rocked the 5.1.1 os, because I never upgraded to iOS 6 because for the first Google Maps wasnt available for iPhone and well, when iOS 7 came out it almost bricked iPhone 4s because it was so slow. But the latest version of iOs 7 pretty much resolved that, and a few days ago I upgraded the iPhone to iOS 7 and Jesus H. Corbett, that os is ugly.

    And I think the Yosemite os is really ugly also, whereas I love the metro/modern whatever its called now look in Windows (althought Ill hate the Start Screen in Windows 10 if I cant remove that stupid left-handed text), but I hate how it takes forever to open apps, and thats a huge downside.

    But now for my question: I use the iTunes app in the iPhone a lot, but is it true that there is no gapless playback in the default music app in Windows phones??? Also, can the app play cd boxsets in the correct playing order or is it as stupid as Windows Media Player?

    Now for my rant

    1) Metro apps: Some news apps state temperatures in Fahrenheit, and I use Celsius and reading about a temperature in Fahrenheit is completely useless to me. I would have loved to be able to hover over the temperature and seeing how much it would have been in celcius; kinda like how Internet Explorer used to have a right-click option for many features wasnt that in Windows 7, and it seems like its been removed in Windows 8.1?
    2) Security: I love the thought of a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone. My laptops have always been the more or less the cheapest laptops I could find, and sometimes when I was a teen and was browsing in a computer store and saw a laptop with a fingerprint scanner, I wondered why they didnt just have that in the trackpad. Made much more sense and would have made the laptops much less ugly. Im really longing for the day when I can unlock my laptop with just a light touch on my trackpad, and it would also unlock every website where I had to use a password before; I would love that also for a mobile phone.
    3) Home automation: That cant come soon enough. I would love to be able to set up heat sensor, webcams etc etc for my home when Im out at work; and I could check occasionally upon my house through a simple app. But somehow I just dont trust third party apps for that meaning, it would have to be either Microsoft or Apple somehow I wont trust Google for my home.
    4) Notification center: I remember when the Windows phone didnt have any (Ive been watching the Windows OS for a few years now) and I really longed for it, but I wanted it to be a swipe to the left (kinda like how you opned up Search in iOS 5), but not just from the homescreen but in all apps; it could have had preferences regarding that app and then the system preferences you wanted to control from wherever you were in your phone. Sadly the notification is a swipe-down just like in Android and iOS, I wish I had the option of having it where I would like (thats something I find to be missing in all oss . Customization options!) but seeing as how theres nothing when you left-swipe, then why cant there be a photo frame-app where you could see pictures of your special someone; or whatever else pictures you wanted to see kinda like those digital photo frames you can have sitting on your desk at your home. Could be a mashup of the former Rooms-app and the sending a a heart throught Apple Watch-thingy meaning, you could have left-swiped and were now looking at your significant other, and browsing through your photos of her (or him) and you could put your finger on the photo and draw a heart or write out That was a good day and send it to her, and you could send it to her and she could respond (perhaps she would get it as a message/mms)
    5) Just about everyone now has a smartphone why isnt that being utilized??? Why cant I open up a map app and see where I can get gasoline for the cheapest price? Users could send in photos of those billboards (or what you call em) that show gasoline prices and you could look at it (you should also be able to search text/numbers in the pictures), but it would be nice to also get a calculation of how much money you would spend just driving to the gas stations (so it would be really nice to see gas prices at the gas stations in the city you are in and also the calculation of how much money you would spend driving there so the app could figure out where it would be most economical for you to take gas). This could also apply to groceries, where people would post in an app where they bought what products and for what prices; they could also take a picture of prices on the shelf and/or the receipt (or use a scan app with their phone ...there really should be a pre-installed scan app in all phones, but mind you users should be able to remove it, just like Apple users should be able to remove the ridiculous bloatware the iPhone has), and of course that app should be able to figure out what groceries you buy every week for your family and be able to calculate the cost, and if its worth it in gas money so if one store has pretty much everything you buy for a lower price than the store you are used to go to, then it should tell you. This should also apply to electronics I dislike having to go from one computer stores-webpage to another just to check laptop prices having that info all in one app would be great. Feel free to create an app based on what I wrote, it could be a million dollars worth for you theres a company in my country that analyses what people buy the most with their debit cards and lets you know if you are spending more than the average joe now, if I used a debit card it would be pretty nifty, but Im a cheapskate and use cash for just about everything (I hate the charges my local banks put on debit card transactions)
    04-19-2015 10:40 AM
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    Not a question. Closed.
    04-19-2015 10:56 AM

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