1. manus31's Avatar
    I'm upgrading my 630 for a 640 today.My new plan though only has a limited amount of minutes for calls and limited texts

    Is there any way to track the number of texts you've sent on windows phone and the time of your calls per month ?
    04-26-2015 03:49 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    No not really.
    The best way is to inform if your provider has a website or app to check your usage.

    In SETTINGS > network+ there is a "voice call counter" which counts but this is a "live" counter so you could use it if you write down the number every month. But this is only calls not text.
    04-26-2015 05:00 AM
  3. manus31's Avatar
    I'll probably just use the online account to check.Judging by my counter now my allowance should do me.I only have 4 hrs 12 mins on my current call counter
    04-26-2015 05:02 PM

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