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    I'm trying to move all my (350gb) music library over to the Xbox app so I can check how it will be displayed on my Nokia 830. I've manually checked the ID3 tags on each track, because I cannot stand wrong or missing information, and there's no way to do it within the app, so I know that everything has album artwork. However, when I try to add it to the Xbox app, strange things are happening. On some albums, the app has chosen different artwork from the internet, others have none and more still show only a grey box (not with a disc motif. Just grey) and when I try and play these tracks, the app exits after about 2 seconds.
    FURTHERMORE, I have tried to load the successful albums onto my phone, only to find that the app there is reading tags that I know I have changed, bringing up old names or artwork which should have been wiped.

    1: How can I make the app read the tags I have set?
    2: How can I fix the blank albums?
    3: How can I make my phone read the right tags when my laptop can?

    (If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated but please provide very clear step-by-step instructions, or I am liable to do something daft ;) )

    Thank you!
    04-26-2015 04:55 PM

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