1. ads13's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    We all know that Microsoft will coming with a blast of their newbees.

    I want to know that which device will you choose after release of Win 10 full version?

    B'cz I already have Lumia. So,
    I'll go with Laptop.

    What about your?
    Post your replies....
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    04-29-2015 03:53 PM
  2. prasath1234's Avatar
    Yeah definitely windows 10 is good at least in PC or laptop if not for phones
    04-29-2015 04:04 PM
  3. a5cent's Avatar
    Only one device with W10? Really? Boooh
    04-29-2015 04:28 PM
  4. Kodiak12's Avatar
    Well, anyone who wants to take advantage of continuum (using their phone apps on big screen), they'd better budget for the new phones required to do this.

    I think MS just telegraphed to those "in the know" to hold off on that new phone they were looking to get over the next few weeks/months.
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    04-29-2015 04:37 PM

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