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    I bought Nokia Lumia 730 in last week of November, 14. For approx 2 months it worked fine, later one day while taking out the phone from the pocket it felt down, and the strangest thing is with just a minor fall the display of the phone gone.

    Was using Samsung phone prior to this, and used the same phone almost for 4 years and the best was that we never faced any issues and moreover never visited Samsung service centre. Thought of changing phone as well as OS so bought NOKIA, but from past 1 month we are cursing NOKIA everyday for what kind of phone they have made, and moreover ourselves for why we bought Nokia phone.

    For the display problem we went to the same store (NOKIA koramangala 80 Ft. road, next to Fastrack store) from where we bought the phone, they charged us Rs.6500/- for the screen replacement. But this is not the problem, the problem starts after that. After switching on the phone we came to know that know it has a different issue, it was restarting on its own every minute, doesn't matter whether we are using it or not. Then again we went to the same store the same very day mentioning the new problem we are facing. And now for this they have made so many different stories that now we ourselves don't know whether we will get our phone back or not, its almost a month now or may be more than that, and still they are saying they need 7-10 days time more to identify the problem, NOTE : its just to identify the problem not to resolve it. After identifying they will tell us whether they can repair the phone or not. Below are the points I have written to let you know what Nokia store guys and service centre guy told us for 1 single phone restart issue (No sync between the two) :

    1) First day the store guy said, because we have updated the OS which was not meant for Indian customers, that's why the phone is restarting. NOKIA : Why the hell you give an OS update notifications to those customers for which that is not meant for? After this the store guy himself formatted our phone and installed the older version OS.

    2) We went home and again we came back, as the issue was still there, the phone was still restarting on its own. This time he took the phone and said will get it checked by the service centre and let us know. Almost after a week got a call from this store guy saying there is issue in Motherboard of your phone, so we will get it replaced. This whole process will take 12-15 days time as we have to raise a request to centre then will get the new Mother board in a week's time, after that will replace it and will keep the phone under observation for some days and then will gave it back to you.

    3) I got the next call after 13 days from this store guy saying your phone has been repaired, you can come and collect the same. We collected the phone in the evening that same day, he said even the phone was having water damage and that too water went inside from the earphone jack.Hahahaa, I was seriously feeling so very frustrated that time, that I don't know only what to do (these people can actually make any bakwas story to prove there point and to prove customer is an ULLU). But then also we kept silent and took our phone, and while we were in the store the phone got restarted, but this time he said because the panel is broken that's why this is happening (let me tell you, one side of the phone edge is little broken and because of this there is an issue, its something very foolish). Then this time I said, you replace this panel from the one that is available in your store so that we can check if this is actually because of the panel thing then we will buy a new panel there itself. And as it was obvious panel was not the reason.

    4) Now what next, after keeping the phone for so long, and even observing it for so long, they failed in identifying the problem. This time he said give 1 day time, I will check with the service centre guy what he was doing with the phone for so many days. But as usual didn't got any call for 2 days, then 3rd day evening went to the store. This time the answer was there is no issue in the phone, there service centre guy kept the phone under observation will call you tomorrow and update on the status. But again no calls, this time waited for 3 days and then on 4th day went to the store. The store guy is so rude after asking why he didn't called, for that he says I also didn't got any call from the service centre about the phone, so why will I call you? WOW!!!! This kind of answer you can expect only from NOKIA people. This time my patience level got out of control, and I shouted on that guy badly, for this he said now you directly speak to service centre guy only. He called him and gave me the phone, when I spoke to the service centre guy, the strangest thing is he is not aware about any of the issues, he is completely making a different story at all. He was not aware about the OS update, not about the water problem, even not about the Motherboard replacement (for the MB replacement he said, we can never do that as the phone IMEI will get change, that can never be done with any phone). Now NOKIA people, can you guys please tell me what is going on here, why this store guy is on its own making so many stories. When I asked the Service centre guy what he did with my phone for 12-13 days then if there was no MB replacement happened, on this he said we were observing the phone for the issue, and on asking what he observed that time, he said no issue we found that time. So then I asked, if no issue is there then why my phone is restarting again and again, on this the best answer he gave this time, he said since you threw your phone so hard that a dent has come on the motherboard and because of which the phone is getting heated up and restating (Now you tell me is anyone so dumb that he/she will throw his phone that too a new phone intentionally, bcoz as per the service centre guy this can only happen if you have intentionally thrown it hard, as I said before they will make all the stories to prove customer is an ULLU). Now what is the solution to this, on which he said he will keep the phone under observation for 7-10 days and post that will let me know whether they can repair the phone or not, if yes fair enough, but as per him more chance is of no, in which case he will refund me the glass replacement cost (Rs. 6500/-) and the phone (which will be of no use).
    I seriously need an answer for this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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    I understand your frustration, but understand that this message board is not officially attached to Microsoft in any way. We cannot help you with a question with support. Please follow up by using official Microsoft support channels.

    Also, do not share your IMEI on a public message board.
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