1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    My brother just bought the phone today.. But the screen just started to lag.. Don't know why .please help
    05-06-2015 11:29 AM
  2. sohail a kalam's Avatar
    It stopped lagging after removing Cortana tile from the home screen.. Now its smooth like butter
  3. harihar akhil's Avatar
    Can you briefly elaborate where it lags
    05-06-2015 11:54 AM
  4. sohail a kalam's Avatar
    It stopped lagging after removing Cortana tile from the home screen.. Now its smooth like butter
    05-07-2015 01:25 AM
  5. manus31's Avatar
    I think they have tried to pack too many features into the 640.I turned a lot of background apps off, disabled the features I don't need such as glance.Cant say my 640 ever lagged though,even when everything was running
    05-07-2015 02:03 AM
  6. STALKER-SVK's Avatar
    I have same issue, cortana disabled (unavailable in my region)
    when I hold finger on screen and scrolling up or down, there is micro lag every second
    background apps are disabled (only weather enable because of live tile)
    05-12-2015 01:21 AM
  7. luMia630's Avatar
    hi same here but i had the same problem even on my previous lumia 630 and it seems that its the Way lumia phones work or it is apsence of 60hz refresh rate of screen :) there is aparently nothing that can be done with it, some poeple just ignore it and say that their phones doesent do that but it does, what helps slightly is swiping with side of your thumb rather than tip of the finger - movement of finger is smoother and so is scrolling :)
    06-13-2015 03:29 PM
  8. luMia630's Avatar
    http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...=1#post3134086 please can you participate maybe we finally find answer to this scrolling stutter
    06-25-2015 03:29 AM
  9. Aashish13's Avatar
    Better u get replaced if a manufacturing defect. My friend had bought a Lumia 640 and it works well. For the time he doesn't have any issues.
    06-25-2015 04:43 AM
  10. ANSH KOHLI's Avatar
    same here few frame drops I can see also,,when I scroll down on start screen.
    07-28-2015 08:36 AM
  11. luMia630's Avatar
    I've found interesting thing, not sure if it proves anything but at least it could be a potential reason for this scroll jitter. I've looked at how WP work with touch and find out that they actually differentiate scrolling by dragging finger across the screen which they call simply DRAG, and just flicking the screen to scroll which they specify as FLICK. That's a fact so there is actual difference between dragging and flicking which some of us see. Now remember that this micro stutter looks like a content of the screen that is being scrolled sort of jumps number of times. Well Microsoft specify that when people start moving finger across the screen manipulation event called ManipulationStart occurs and than during drag ManipulationDelta event occurs number of times until movement stops, to notify system where exactly users finger is. Did you see this certain similarity there? System deals with touch by firing delta event multiple times like screen jumps multiple times, but when we just flick the screen and lift our finger from screen no delta event occurs as same as there is no jumping of content that has been scrolled. I know it could be nothing and I really don't understand how WP work and how rich works but it sounds pretty concurrent to me. Also if that's how it is, it would mean that this phenomenon is actually how system itself works and thus all windows phone devices as well. And that would mean that some of us are seeing things or others doesn't see this thing that is clearly there :D. Otherwise power of placebo effect ;). What do you thing could this be proof that this scrolling jitter affects all Lumia phones and possible source of this "issue"?
    burakomyucel likes this.
    08-01-2015 06:19 AM

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