1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    Also, How do i open media content in a text message I have a Lumia 635 using Brightspot (T-Mobile) in the US
    05-07-2015 07:39 AM
  2. Elofann's Avatar
    I am running Windows phone 8.1 OS Version: 8.10.12400.899
    05-07-2015 07:47 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You need to edit your MMS so you can use the service on Brightspot.

    Go to Settings > cellular + SIM > SIM settings > edit MMS APN and input these values:

    APN: multibrand
    Username: <Leave blank>
    Password: <Leave blank>
    Authentication type: <Leave as is "PAP">
    WAP gateway (URL):
    WAP gateway port: 8080
    MMSC (URL): http://brtspt.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
    MMS port: <Leave blank>
    Maximum MMS size: <Leave blank>
    IP type: IPv4

    If this does not work get back to us here or see the Brightspot people and don't forget where the settings are to show them.
    05-07-2015 04:44 PM
  4. Elofann's Avatar
    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it still didn't work. Any Idea what to try next?
    05-08-2015 07:51 AM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I have to refer you back to Brightspot then... Their settings info all points to what I listed above.
    05-08-2015 09:54 PM

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