1. Joshwin's Avatar
    I wonder how live tiles work on phones, definitely it doesn't work like the ones on pcs.I installed feedly supporting apps like phonly and Nextgeneration reader on my phone. For many days It just keeps showing same news headline again and again on the live tile , whereas on my pc the same app shows different news headlines every time it flips, it automatically updates itself. Is it the way the live tiles work on phones?or is there anything I can do to make the phone's live tiles to surface more news feed as it does on pc's?.please help me.live tiles are very much essential for me on pcs,it makes my life easier and keeps me updated at a glance. I want same functionality on my phone as well. I dont want to open the app to see the updates.
    Note: windows central app updates well on phone.
    05-08-2015 10:35 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I suspect your phone's tile is stuck.

    Also worth noting that tiles don't always update on every flip, depending on the app.

    I'd try the following:

    Make sure the app is allowed to run in the background in Battery Saver
    Repin the tile
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    05-08-2015 11:45 AM
  3. Joshwin's Avatar
    I tried everything and it's still stuck in the same news headline. Doesn't get updated at all. I noticed even the universal app's live tiles on phones behave very differently from their pc's counter-parts. aren't they designed to behave alike?
    05-08-2015 01:08 PM
  4. ygtgngr's Avatar
    It's may be because your settings restrict background activities for the app. On pc you always have Wi-Fi so you don't need to restrict your data usage but on phone you use mobile data and you probably have limited data.
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    05-08-2015 01:10 PM

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