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    I've been interested in upgrading to a tablet/convertible for some time, but have been extremely hesitant about getting one for multiple reasons. It just feels like if I want portability, I have to "sacrifice" elsewhere. Ultimately, the following are items I won't back down on, and what I'd really love to have:

    1. Small screen size - preferably 7" (up to 10", maximum - Only if necessary)
    2. Affordable (don't want to spend thousands)
    3. Convertible - capability of attaching or removing keyboard
    4. Capability to play older games, like Unreal Tournament 2003, old Ghost Recon/Island Thunder, etc., Quake III Team Arena, etc. If the tablet/convertible can handle Rogue Spear Raven Shield, Athena Sword, etc., that would be a bonus!

    I don't just want to use it for gaming, but want to be able to game on it as well. The netbook I currently have can handle the aforementioned games, with the exception of the Rogue Spear Raven Shield games. I currently have a Dell Duo, but it's not a true convertible, as it cannot be detached from the keyboard. The Duo meets all of the video and system requirements to play the Ghost Recon, Unreal Tournament and Quake III Team Arena games. From the looks of things, the slowest processor required for the games is 300 MHz, and the fastest processor required is 1.5 GHz.

    In terms of minimum video requirements (for the games), they are as follows:

    1. Ghost Recon, GR Desert Shield, Island Thunder. Video Reqs: 16 MB Direct X 8 Comp. 3D Card

    2. Quake III Team Arena Video Reqs: 3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL« support 16 MB video card

    3. Unreal Tournament 2003 Video Reqs: Any Windows-compatible video card, Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon with at least 64 megs of video memory

    4. Rogue Spear Raven Shield Video Reqs: 32 MB

    The video requirements aren't outlandish, but I don't want to spend good money and not be able to play any of the games because on-board video is lacking. Heck, I'm even willing to buy an older UMPC like the Sony Vaio P or Fujitsu Lifebook (5.6" touchscreen), if they would work.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what might be the best route to go (if any)? All input is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. :)
    05-11-2015 11:17 AM
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    Since you were already able to run those games on a netbook, go try out a Surface 3 with 4GB of RAM and see if it works for you since 10" is your max screen size. If you can go up to 12", there are more to pick from.
    05-11-2015 12:46 PM

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