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  1. MrLunga's Avatar
    It's so frustrating when builds are available for downloads but without mention of how big the build will be when you actually download. Microsoft and Windows Central could at least give us a heads up on how big each build is, for some of us we live in countries where data is quite pricey and we don't always have access to Wi-Fi like our first world buddies. It would be nice just to mention how big a build is so we can plan on actually by the right amount of data rather than having the download eating up your data that you hadn't planned to use to download.
    05-15-2015 10:19 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I totally understand your frustration.
    Here is the data for my lumia 920
    Windows Phone Recovery Tool 45 Mb on PC
    Software package too roll back. 1700 Mb on PC
    From 8.1 update 1 to update 2. 65 Mb
    From 8.1 update 2 to W10 10080 667 Mb
    Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote ±500 Mb

    And this is not included a possible hard reset etc.

    But if no WiFi also includes no PC then you need less data but if you stuck you can not Roll Back.

    And I presume you know that you need wifi for the updates or use a second phone for internet sharing but in that case the mobile data connection on the "sharing" phone should be stable and fast enough otherwise the downloading may fail.
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    05-15-2015 01:30 PM
  3. MrLunga's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the info it's more than i hoped anyone could answer. This really makes me prepare better for the download i normally use a portable wifi internet thingy where i insert my sim card to use the data from.
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    05-15-2015 05:34 PM
  4. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    Just curious. If you live where you can't easily get cheap data, I can understand wanting to do a tech build to know the product and get to be on the front edge of the technology, but if you can't afford the regular build updates, why do it? The updates are more frequent and can be larger due to significant changes build to build..

    again, I'm just curious. I'm more cautious myself and I'm not running 10 on any of my primary machines, but I work for an IT company, so we have lots of 5-6 year machines coming in all the time I can recycle into a home lab.​
    05-15-2015 10:07 PM
  5. MrLunga's Avatar
    I don't mind paying for the data it's just more convenient to know the size and then I can make a decision to get an update. It's just that I have had bad experiences where I thought I had enough data but didn't and the download stopped just before it completed then I had get more data and repeat the process from scratch. All I'm asking is Windows Central or Microsoft please state the size of the update at the same time they announce it.
    05-19-2015 08:52 AM

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