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    Hello all, few questions if you could help me.

    1) I recently turned off bluetooth (disabled) on my Windows 7 Home Premium. Since I did that everytime I need to login on windows the default screen is to login with a Bluetooth tag... Yeah, windows likes me. So I choose the button labelled other credentials and can pick from bluetooth, username/password or fingerprint and no problems. I just want to know if I can disable this credential from login and/or set fingerprint as the default.

    2) I updated my windows on 13th May and after that update everything that needed a username/password and wasn't from Microsoft got logged out. Dropbox, Chrome, Antivirus, etc. Is that normal? And when I tried to log back in on Chrome it kept asking me my password all the time! I had to log out and login again to use it normally.

    3) Wireless Network Watcher recently (like today!) started saying I have the following device on my network:
    IP Address : xxx.xxx.xx.3
    Device Name :
    MAC Address : 74-E5-43-D3-7F-15
    Network Adapter Company: Liteon Technology Corporation
    Device Information:
    Detection Count : 6
    Active : Yes

    It appears even if I disconnect the ethernet cable and turn off wifi and bluetooth. Any idea what this could be? My vpn virtual adapter has another MAC address so I know it's not that.

    4) Any way to search Device Manager for a MAC address?

    5) Windows is not detecting anything on my network. Pretty much blind. On top of it if I use vpn it says I don't have access to internet (while I'm typing this here...). Any way to fix that?

    6) I'm trying to get MS support via chat but it doesn't seem to load the chat window. Is that just an incompatibility with Chrome or what? (https:// support. microsoft. com/ en-us/ answerdesk/ chat?=...etc)

    Wow, that's a lot. Thanks for any help.
    05-16-2015 11:38 AM

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