1. lumiant85's Avatar
    Is it just me or is the Wells Fargo app not working for anybody else either? I bought a Lumia 640 from Cricket yesterday and it the Wells Fargo app hasn't worked for me since then. I have yet to try the app on my 930 though. Is anyone else having problems?
    05-16-2015 08:03 PM
  2. lumiant85's Avatar
    That's weird. Wells Fargo app works on my 930 but not on the 640.
    05-17-2015 01:04 PM
  3. Kurt Bucy's Avatar
    I just got the 640 a couple days ago from tmobile and I am also having the issue with the wellsfargo app. not able to login. works fine on my 810, just not on the 640.
    06-22-2015 06:12 PM
  4. danny 2's Avatar
    I also had issues with the Fargo app, would not allow me to sign in. Tried it today. Boom it worked. Deposited checks and paid bills. No updates that I could tell of, but it's working. Just fyi...
    06-28-2015 12:20 AM

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