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    when i bought the phone i was told is was sim free and it is, but no one told me it would have someone`s logo or brand on it
    05-19-2015 12:57 AM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    It is a no contract phone which is different than a non carrier branded phone. The difference in price is about $100 between the T-Mobile branded version and a non-branded version. There are some folks who know how to flash ROMs on Lumia phones. I am not one of them but if you do enough digging around you might be able to learn to flash a ROM on the T-Mobile Lumia 635 and then get rid of the logo. Good luck.

    BTW the phone is currently locked to T-Mobile...you are better off buying AT&T branded phones as they are easy to unlock and then use on a carrier of your choice.
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    05-19-2015 11:28 AM
  3. YanivC's Avatar
    on it physically? like embossed or on the screen? Specifics... devil is in the details ;)
    05-19-2015 03:28 PM

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