1. nandakishorem98's Avatar
    I have a Nokia Headset WH-205 but this headset is not working on my Lumia 435
    but works superbly on Lumia 920..!! I also tried other headsets (sony, skullcandy) & they works in my Lumia 435...

    I want to know wheather Nokia Stereo WH-208 or Coloud Pop WH-510 works in Lumia 435!
    05-31-2015 02:11 AM
  2. teckris's Avatar
    There is less chance for it not to work with 435. Only issue is with Old Nokia Headphones that had a different pin layout [nokia 5230 compatible headphones] which I feel is outdated. So more chance for 435 to be working with Coloud Pop and other headphones...
    05-31-2015 02:15 AM

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