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    Do you reckon there will be some good deals for SP3 when Windows 10 is released?

    I live in Israel, where Microsoft's presence is rubbish - zero import of any Surfaces, and it doesn't seem to change as the public is rooting more for budget products.
    So I plan on buying a SP3 i5 128gb + docking station (to function as my main desktop as well) through Amazon (from US) - which means a celebration of taxes:
    From 1017$ the price is easily soaring up to 1550$, which I can reduce to 1387$ by buying instead a refurbished SP3 (don't know about it...).
    I can afford it, and yet the price is OTT, an american citizen could buy the i7 256G in that price.
    Also, My uncles will be travelling to the USA in September, which can be a great opportunity - but I guess it means no warranty, and generally it can be too complicated (and personally I don't think I want to bother them on vacation haha).

    Will the prices be toned down a bit around July 29 and onwards? When is the best time (if any) to expect for good offers? Any other advice is welcome.
    06-05-2015 03:30 PM
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    I think you will find deals on the SP3 soon after the SP4 is released which is more likely closer to the end of the year. Taxes may not apply to you since you're living in Israel, or try buying from a 3rd party merchant to avoid it. However, we sure could use your tax dollars - lol.
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    06-05-2015 06:27 PM

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