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  1. BlueOwl245's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 640XL phone with Windows 8.1. I have managed to use my old PC to create a few alias email addresses in my Outlook account. Sending an email from my main registered address is fine, and so is receiving email TO one of my aliases. BUT, how do I send a NEW (ie, not a reply to one received) email FROM one of my aliases, using my lumia phone? Am I correct to say this is impossible to do? When i created each aliase, i chose not to create a seperate folder/inbox for each one. I am wondering if the only way Microsoft are allowing us to send email from a chosen aliase (ie, selecting exactly what address it is sent "FROM"), is to use a seperate inbox for each one? In which case, doesn't this make the concept of offering seperate aliases a bit pointless?

    What should i do?
    I'm just a newbie without a clue... of what to do! Twitawooo!
    06-22-2015 11:58 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    Yes, I get you. This currently isn't possible - emails on the phone will be sent from your primary alias only. I don't know whether Windows 10 will allow this either (I don't have my Windows 10 phone with me right now).
  3. BlueOwl245's Avatar
    Is there nobody who can offer me help on this issue?
    Or even if you have the same problem, would be nice to hear opinions...
    06-23-2015 03:30 PM
  4. holymell's Avatar
    I wish I could help. I'm having trouble understanding exactly what you want here. Do you want one inbox for all of your aliases? Because the whole idea behind having a separate email account would be having a separate email account, meaning that you would have to sign into your dummy account and send a message from that...right?

    I have no idea how to funnel messages from several accounts into one shared inbox.

    But a cursory Bing search told me this: Go to the account you want to link. Tap 'more' and ' link inboxes '. In the ' other inboxes list', tap the inboxes you want to link to the one you're currently in. Then, rename the inbox and delete the one you're in. Then tap ' done' and the newly linked account should show up on your home screen.

    That may have been an old post I read, but it might still be valid. So judging from that, yeah, you might have to initially create separate accounts and then link them. Which may be more work than you're willing to do.

    I dislike that my full name appears on my email account, but not enough to create a new one, I guess. So far nothing bad has happened as a result.

    Just curious... What do you do that necessitates multiple aliases? Maybe I'm just an old person, but I can't think of a reason for more than two or three. But I'm also not busy or in high demand socially, so...
    06-23-2015 06:39 PM
  5. BlueOwl245's Avatar
    I have an Outlook email account with a main default email address (obviously).
    I have also through the management settings, created a few different ALIAS email addresses (while using Outlook on my PC). All these addresses share the same one inbox.

    Now... when using my Lumia Phone, I want to be able to SEND a NEW outlook email to whoever I wish, "FROM" not only the defaulting main address, but ANY of the alias addresses I wish.

    For example, one of my created alias addresses is simular to 'greenbiker @ outlook . com' which I want to use for all cycling activity and fun. Using Outlook on my old PC, I can easily send a NEW email from my alias 'greenbiker@' to whoever (instead of the account default address), and they will receive it as an email from 'greenbiker@' instead of from my default Outlook address (which is simular to 'myrealname ' outlook . com'). I can do this via PC because "from" options are shown down the left hand side as I compose a new email.

    But not when I use Outlook on my LUMIA. Sending a NEW email through Outlook on my LUMIA must be 'from' my default main email address??

    I want to be able to send a new outlook email to anyone I wish, "from" one of my created ALIAS addresses (and without changing what the default 'main' account email address is) using Outlook on my Lumia 640 XL phone. Many other email providers offer this simple function.

    I hope this explains clearly what I want to do - it should be a very easy and basic function of an email service that is offering usable aliases!

    Can anyone help me please? This is important to me.. :o(

    Last edited by BlueOwl245; 06-24-2015 at 07:32 AM. Reason: spelling mistakes!
    06-24-2015 07:24 AM
  6. BlueOwl245's Avatar
    PS: I thought I made this clear, but just in case I did not... I am only talking about ONE Outlook email account with ONE inbox, sharing my main default address, plus my created aliases. I am NOT talking about a set of different outlook accounts, each with a seperate sign in etc etc.
    06-24-2015 07:35 AM
  7. Pete's Avatar
    Yes, I get you. This currently isn't possible - emails on the phone will be sent from your primary alias only. I don't know whether Windows 10 will allow this either (I don't have my Windows 10 phone with me right now).
    06-24-2015 07:52 AM
  8. Intense Soul's Avatar
    I didn't noticed that in Windows 10 build was something in late May 2015. It didn't allowed me to send replies thru my alias hence I made my alias as primary one:)
    06-24-2015 08:10 AM
  9. Pete's Avatar
    There's always a chance that the Outlook app on Windows 10 could be extended to allow this. It's pretty simple to do this on, so I suspect the app should follow functionality as close as is reasonably possible.
    Laura Knotek and BlueOwl245 like this.
    06-24-2015 08:13 AM
  10. BlueOwl245's Avatar
    Thank you thank you with a big twitawoo!!
    Pete, this issue was beginning to drive me mad with curiosity! Now I have a clear answer.. the Outlook app for WP 8.1 can only use your main default address. How bizarre that MS allow you to create up to 10 aliases per year, which you can use to send to and from freely using IE browser, but not with the Outlook app for WP 8.1! In my worldly opinion, it's a bit silly of MS not to include the full use of aliases with their Outlook APP.

    Therefore, would a rather long winded solution for this alias problem be, simply to create one Outlook account PER ALIAS? OR are you only allowed to have one Outlook account per MS Account? I think having FOUR Outlook accounts, just to access each of my four email addresses, is a bit much! But would there be any point anyway, because how would I add each one to my Lumia phone?

    06-25-2015 06:48 PM

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