1. Avinash Jogi's Avatar
    Guys how the build 10149 running on Lumia 520?i think its very slow in low end devices. Will the coming builds make the low end devices fast?
    06-28-2015 10:12 AM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Good morning,
    Build 10149 runs great on the Lumia 520. There's a good bit of lag and some stuttering but it's nothing you can't just ignore. For the most part, Build 10149 runs just as well as Windows Phone 8.1 on the Lumia 520. If you can put up with graphical glitches, UI design quirks and a generally incomplete OS, and you know how to deal with potential bugs, go for it. Build 10149 is the smoothest build yet
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    06-28-2015 10:49 AM
  3. Avinash Jogi's Avatar
    Are u a user of Lumia 520?
    06-28-2015 11:47 AM
  4. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Yes, I decided to install Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview on my backup Lumia 520, and it runs fine. If you want to keep your data though, back up your phone! Remove the microSD card before installing the preview (if you have a microSD card in there). After everything has been installed completely, wait half an hour to an hour then do a hard reset. Don't do it right after.
    That may have all been known to you but in case it wasn't, it's good to know.
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    06-28-2015 01:41 PM
  5. hajeet singh bhullar's Avatar
    hi guys yesterday i update my lumia 520 to build 10149 which took 2-3 hours but there was no worry because i got this without loosing my any data. all apps and setting were as it as before on windows 8.1. it runs too smooth as 8.1. only problems i am facing is that there is error while downloading speech language usa. because in my region india with uk language cortana not working. i hope it will be solved soon. it looks beautiful with build 10149
    07-01-2015 01:01 PM
  6. rizzo183's Avatar
    The Wi-Fi isn't working for me. Can't even turn it on. Anybody else facing the same problem?

    Lumia 525. Build 10149
    07-01-2015 05:52 PM
  7. Avinash Jogi's Avatar
    Really irritated with the build. Waiting for the next mobile build. Guys what about u? Want a stable update that supports for slow ring members too.r u expecting the same guys?
    07-07-2015 11:22 AM
  8. hajeet singh bhullar's Avatar
    hello guys. i am using windows 10 tp with build 10149. i have been using this since 28 june. i have noticed some bugs while using it.and here is a list
    1. sometimes apps not responds
    2.seldom upper panel of volume controller not works
    3. some apps crashes while accessing photos
    4. sometimes rotation not works properly
    5. unable to download language pack
    6. cortana not working
    7. default camera app often hangs and takes too much time while capturing
    8. microsoft edge and store beta often crashes while opening
    and all other features are working properly and very smooth. i hope the next update will further updates and improves bugs problem.
    07-09-2015 01:46 PM
  9. Sengrik Sangma's Avatar
    I can't transfer my apps from SD card to phone.
    07-09-2015 02:14 PM
  10. Nero Danty's Avatar
    do you install any android apps on your lumia 520 ?
    10-17-2016 09:05 AM

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