1. Souradip Das's Avatar
    Its been 2 weeks and I cant play any video...through YouTube by internet explorer or the tubecast app from lumia 730....i do have moderate Internet connection(3mbps)...i don't have any idea why...this is happening. So anybody there facing the same or know what to do.....plz help!!!!
    06-29-2015 01:15 AM
  2. Joko Soemitro's Avatar
    Its work here. Do you have analyz is it problem from your carrier?
    06-29-2015 01:23 AM
  3. Souradip Das's Avatar
    I don't use mobile data......I use Wifi...broadband service...and through the same connection I am not facing any problem to play YouTube video in my pc..
    06-29-2015 01:40 AM
  4. Joko Soemitro's Avatar
    Try to do soft reset. If its not work, then try hard reset on your phone. I think it should be phone wifi problem. Before that please check software update first :)
    RumoredNow and Souradip Das like this.
    06-29-2015 03:09 AM

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