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    Apps I purchased back in 8.1 OS carried over to mobile 10 10149 ok and worked fine until I did the updates from the (beta store) now when I open them up they are in trial version so I tried to do purchase again it says loading, then complete. I go back to the app open it and it's the same. I deleted the app an buy, install then compete but it's still in trial. How do I get my purchased (full version) back in windows 10 mobile again? I did try both stores with no luck I'm at a loss...
    UPDATE: 7-4-15
    If anyone else still having problems I believe I solved my apps purchases or maybe Microsoft did something in the stores? What do did was uninstalled the app fro app list, Then (very important) turned off the phone waited a few minutes and powered phone back on. I went directly to the original store search app and installed it, exit store close and go directly to app list open app sign into it of needed and at least for me I no longer have trial version.
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