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    My phone seems to respond. Like when I click on any of these Apps it starts to go but just flips back to the main screen. Internet Explorer works fine and I can surf the web. Bluetooth through my car seems to be the only way I can call out but it will only stay connected for about 5-10 seconds and if I do not get the number typed in before that it cuts out. The phone still says it is connected but basically I have to disconnect and reconnect again and then I am able to finish typing in the phone number and hurry up and click call. Then the phone will disconnect from the Bluetooth again but I can talk through my phone fine for the rest of the call. I am not receiving any text messages. When I do receive calls they are no longer attached to any of my contacts. It just comes up with the phone number. I am just guessing but I think this is a memory type issue. I got a message I had low storage after downloading the "Movie Creator Beta" and trying to make a video and I was actually down to 30 mb at one point. I got that up to about 1 gb today deleting apps a I cannot get into pictures or videos. When I plug into my computer I am not able to get access to any of the files on my phone. It shows the phone as soon as I plug it in and shows there is only 996 MB free of 29.1 GB so I am just wondering is there any way to get these files off. The kicker is I have photos on there from the last 9 months from my daughter being born till now that I really hate to lose otherwise I would just try to do a hard reset.

    I have tried:

    Rebooting Phone

    The soft reset with holding down the Volume down and Power button

    Turning off lock screen

    Turning off Kid's Corner

    My current system settings are:

    Cobalt Theme

    Afternoon Ringtone

    Lock Screen Timeout - Never

    Wifi Off

    Airplane Mode - Off

    Bluetooth - On

    Cellular - Verizon

    NFC - Off

    Internet Sharing - Off

    Kid's Corner - Off

    Brightness - Auto

    Screen Rotation - Unlocked

    Backup - Set to save stuff to the cloud (This setting will not open) (I am wondering if it is somehow stuck trying to upload is there anyway to shut this off when it will not open) I think I may have turned this on last night just registered as I was going through all the settings.
    07-24-2015 08:15 AM

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